Lib Dem Team Cleans Up the Quays


The Salford Quays Community Lib Dem Team have been out picking up litter in their campaign to clean up the quays.

Local campaigner Alex Warren and a team of local Lib Dems took to the streets and canals around The Quays to pick up litter and make our area a more pleasant place to be. They collected 6 bags of rubbish from the area around St. Louis basin and made sure that it was properly disposed of.

Littering is a real problem in our area, both for how it looks but also for the safety of the people, pets and wildlife that call it home. Each year the RSPCA receives over 5,000 calls about animal injuries caused by litter, but actual cases are expected to be much higher.

So, it is vital that we do all that we can to tackle the problem of litter in our community. We are calling on the council to up the number of litter patrols around the Quays to clean up our area. We are also working with local police officers to tackle the problem of anti-social behaviour to make sure that litter doesn’t end up on our streets in the first place.

You can back our calls and pressure the council to clean up the quays by signing and returning our petition on the reverse, or by signing online.

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