A New Plan For Salford

With all out elections across Salford for the first time since 2004, new wards, a Mayoral election and the election of our Greater Manchester Mayor - the time is now for change in Salford. 

Salford Council has been controlled by Labour for decades. Your Liberal Democrat candidates - from The Quays, to Claremont, Worsley and beyond - are working hard to change that. 

This is a once in a generation opportunity to change the politics of Salford for the better, and we're doing everything we can to give Salford Council the political diversity and local, liberal representation it desperately needs. Here are our five pledges to make Salford a better place to live. Elect Liberal Democrats to Salford Council on May 6th, and this is what you'll get...


1. Affordable, Quality Housing

Labour is failing to build the affordable homes we desperately need.

The current definition of 'Affordable' housing is not actually affordable, and only a few of us manage to get onto the property ladder or find a rented space we can afford.

People have the right to access affordable, quality housing - and Liberal Democrats are committed to find developers who will build it.

But it's not enough to simply build housing - we want there to be space allocated for green spaces, independent businesses and local services like doctors surgeries or libraries.

Liberal Democrats will bring that community spirit back. Keeping in touch with residents affected by development and making sure what we get is what we need and not just about the money.


2. Protecting Our Green Spaces

Building new homes does not have to mean compromising the fantastic green spaces throughout our city. The Liberal Democrats are running a #CleanUpTheQuays and a #CleanUpClaremont campaign that will reduce plastic pollution and create Local Nature Reserves. Our teams are already working with National and Local Charities to achieve this.

We understand the importance of protecting Salford's parks and green spaces Like Swinton Golf Course & Buile Hill park. Liberal Democrats will commit to a local community plan that outlines the protection of our green belt, and pushes developers to build across the many brownfield sites that exist across the city.

3. Active, Engaged and Informed By Our Community

When was the last time you spoke to one of your Labour councillors, or heard about their work on the doorstep?

Unless its two weeks out from an election - you might never have done so.

Liberal Democrats are renowned for their work in communities because they listen to residents and work with them to solve local problems. There are so many things to fix, from potholes to litter, that only engaged community champions can get done. Salford Liberal Democrats will keep in touch with you, and our agenda will be set by the needs of local residents.


4. A Cleaner, Greener City

People across Salford have been doing a fantastic job of cleaning up our city in local community clean up groups, and our candidates and community champions have been doing their part alongside them. The fight to clean up the litter and plastic pollution has become a big problem in Salford and we have this as a key priority.

But, it shouldn't be left to volunteers and residents to do this.

The Salford Liberal Democrats have a plan to help keep our streets litter free, pushing the Labour council to maintain our parks and green spaces, keep them clean, and above all else: Clean Up Salford.

5. Streets To Feel Safe In

Nobody should feel unsafe on their own street. Never.

Yet, they do. Over the last 12 months, car and bicycle theft, sexual harassment and anti-social crime have increased - and local people continue to suffer.

The Salford Liberal Democrats want a greater police presence on our streets, fix all the street lighting and get inventive about how we can make our streets safer.

Currently there is no plan and no change. This is wrong, so we want to change this by working with you, to create safe streets.


It's time for a change...

From housing to litter, not enough is being done for the people of Salford. This May we have the opportunity to make a change. If you agree with our plan and believe it's time for change in Salford, vote for your liberal Democrat candidates on May 6th.

Got a question about our pledges? Email [email protected] for more information. 

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